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Fiber Overnight Pads (Pack of 8 pads)

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  • New Technology Fiber: Made of new technology fiber with magic absorbent material, Calm down and wear our pure white fluffy pads to get rid of sticky.
  • Fits Nicely: Even when you're sleeping, it fits your underwear nicely. You may not feel it when you're wearing it, but it will always be there with you.
  • Less Chafing: The top layer of our pads is soft and gentle on your skin It is flexible and causes less chafing to your sensitive area.
  • Super Absorptive Capacity: The innovative compound absorbent material gives  an amazing absorptive capacity. It absorbs well and quickly.
  • Breathable Overnight Pads with Wings: With specially design for overnight, our extra long pad with wide adhesive wings gives you maximum safety and comfort. It allows you waking up in clean sheets.

Fiber Overnight Pads (Pack of 8 pads)

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